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"Ramirez executed flawless, comedic impressions of all the Broadway divas."

-Pittsburgh City Paper, Maggie Weaver


"She gets some of the best lines, and she knows how to use them.

Her impersonations are spot on. She's hilarious. Her Mary Poppins is amazing."


-'Burgh Vivant, Brian Edward

"Ramirez takes on more roles than anyone else in the ensemble, and her vocal flexibility is extraordinary. In addition to switching back

and forth between the vocal stylings of Renee Goldsberry, Philippa Soo and Jasmine Jones all in the same song - with puppets, no less - she also gives credible impersonations of Bernadette Peters, Liza Minelli, Julie Andrews, and Barbara Streisand."

-The Pittsburgh Tatler, Wendy Arons

"Her Liza Minnelli impression had me howling with laughter."

-Pittsburgh in the Round

Linda Harkcom

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